Alann Bique - Group of Music Folk "The hand of the time"

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BIOGRAPHY:Alann Bique was born in 1999 and is restructured in 2004. Its components live in Madrid and Santa Uxia de Ribeira (A Coruña). The first restlessness is to fuse and carry bagpipe to all the musical states. They have outstand in variety and difference of their works, new in folk music. Dario, Luis, Pili and Michel work from Madrid; Carol and Fran from Coruña. Many tests and kilometers give results in a few years, being one of the groups that travel all around Spain and Portugal. Taking advantage of the knowledge of Luis in the ¿spectacle world�, a mix between music and theatre has been created, and is called �...Noite Meiga, Witches Night�. Bagpipes, flutes, sax, guitar, piano, contrabass, battery and Galician percussions. All these instruments use Alann Bique to create its musical spectacle, influenced by all the Celtic music and traditions. OUR MUSIC:,Our songs These samples are extracted of our live concerts and are a reflection of the group’s sound. The samples are in different formats and qualities to adjust the download to your connection type.Own compositions: Here you can download the themes composed by the group.Midi archives. TECHNICAL DATA:Sound equip.PA requirements: Depending of the people, 10W per person + subwoofer. Mixer Sound 32 channels and 7 send, Mixer Monitors 24 channels, Rack of effects and dynamic: The necessary for live concert, Voice effects. Lights equipment: Front or back truss with 35 light (minimum), 4 robots heard, 2 lateral colors Instruments: Battery, Cajón flamenco, Contrabass, Flute baroque, Whistles, Flute traverse, Bagpipes, Acoustic guitar, Galician tambourine, Percussions of effects, Piano, Sax